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6:21pm on Monday 23rd September 2019

Get an E-job and Earn Online

In 2019, the most important question is “how can we earn through digital work”?Almost every country is empowering its youth to get E-jobs through internet. Somesocial media platforms has connected the world, and they are influencing notonly culture but changing the trends of economic activities. To equip the younggeneration with IT skills, governments are taking initiatives.

Freelancing- an earning through skills

Freelancingis gaining attention day-by-day. Many private and public institutions havestarted enrolling students in this specific field to enable them to earn. Amongother south Asian countries, Pakistan is ranking at 4th position infreelancing. Bangladesh is at 1st position because its governmentsupport women to start their journey of e-jobs through awareness campaigns atnational level.

Peopleper hour, Fiver and Up-work are professional platforms providing theopportunity to buyers (who post a job) and freelancers (who perform the job).People, freelancers, are earning by getting these e-jobs across the globe.Freelancing is a trending field attracting students, professionals and everyindividual to join and earn through their skills.

Affiliate marketing- an e-job to make money

AffiliateMarketing is another great opportunity which gives you an e-job and enables youto earn. In 1996, Amazon Company had initiated this innovative field ofmarketing. Over the period, millions of people has availed this easy earningopportunity. People earn commission by selling the products listed on website.With the growth of IT world, this field has gained more popularity and reachedat advance level.

AtombuddyAffiliate Program (Atombuddy Force)is a unique online e-job system. It is providing ease in earning as well asdignifying the users by automated payment system. The affiliate member canwithdraw his earned money by just one single click. It provides a completeauthority to the member to earn through his marketing skills.

E-jobs- The future of economic system

Thestatistics show a dedicated freelancer (an individual) earns $1800 to $2400 monthlywhereas a professional affiliate marketer earns more than $3000 by working withnational and international platforms. Both e-jobs are transforming into moreadvanced intelligent systems and taking a shape of easy earning places. Itseems all the businesses and jobs would be on internet world only by 2025.

Itis the time to take a start with e-businesses and e-jobs. Without having anappropriate skill level, one can’t earn from e-world. There is no chance ofgrowth of business in coming future without shifting from physical to virtualmarket. Globally successful businesses have published their agendas that showthey will transfer their big part of investment to internet based businesses.

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