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Atombuddy Force Introduction

Introduction to Atombuddy Affiliate Program:

Atombuddy.com is the best online shopping website in Pakistan. It sells the product on easy monthly instalments (EMI) specifically in Lahore city as well as on 'Cash on Delivery' across Pakistan. Under its unique affiliate program, Atombuddy.com has initiated one of the best affiliate programs of Pakistan, Atombuddy force, to provide the e-jobs across the country. Now, earn online money is no more a difficult task in Pakistan.

Join Atombuddy Force

Why Atombuddy Affiliate Program:

Affiliate programs are basically for marketers and promoters who earn commission by selling the products. Keeping in view the internet users statistics in Pakistan, Atombuddy affiliate mechanism is made user friendly and free to access to provide the online earning opportunity to everyone across the country. Atombuddy force is a hassle free affiliate program providing the integrity to all the users through automated payouts via banking system. It has easy to use affiliate dashboard, mentioned commission rates over products, real discount offers for force members and 24/7 customer service department.

Who can join Atombuddy Affiliate Program:

Atombuddy force is such a simple online earning affiliate program which requires no degree but only some marketing skills. It can be a mega opportunity for social media users like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and WhatsApp. Having e-commerce knowledge is mandatory for earning handsome amount from affiliate partnership. Though anyone can register with Atombuddy force program yet it takes consistent effort with learning attitude to earn online.


Atombuddy force offers an online earning opportunity to all the citizens of Pakistan irrespective of their education, profession and location. A force member can earn 30,000 to 70,000 PKR per month depending upon his/her ability of online marketing. In a long run, he/she may introduce his/her own product on Atombuddy.com to gain more profits.

How To Join Atombuddy Force:

Atombuddy affiliate program is totally free to join. To be a force member, one has to follow these steps:

  • Signup with the website as user
  • Login to your User Account
  • Click on Join Atombuddy Force in the Left Menu
  • Fill up the Join Atombuddy force form

Reviewal of Application:

Atombuddy affiliate program is totally free to join. To be a force member, one has to follow these steps:

  • After the submitting joining request, you will receive an e-mail/SMS explaining you about your submission of application for Atombuddy Force.
  • You can view this message on your Dashboard your Atombuddy Force account is under review.
  • Atombuddy Affiliate manager may ask for more information before giving you the access to force dashboard.

Atombuddy Force User Dashboard:

Once Atombuddy Force manager approves your request to join atombuddy force, you will be able to access your force dashboard to begin your online earning journey.

My Wallet:

This page shows all the details of your earnings.

  • Unpaid Referrals

    When someone places an order with your reference you get your commission instantly in your Unpaid Referrals. Unpaid Referrals is the earning that remains in escrow. You cannot withdraw it. Your earning remains in Escrow (Unpaid Referrals) until the order is verified by the admin and gets completed.

  • Earning

    Once an order gets completed and your referral gets the product in his hands, the earning in your Escrow (Unpaid Referrals) is transferred in your Earning and your balance gets updated. Earning is the total amount you have earned through your affiliate marketing until today. Balance is what you have in your wallet.

  • Requested Amount

    When your minimum balance reaches 2500 your Request to Withdraw button gets enabled and you can click on this button to withdraw your earnings. You can only make one request at a time. Once your first request gets completed, you can then make another request. Before Requesting a withdrawl make sure to add a payment option. Please follow Step 4 for payment options details.

  • Payment Withdraw

    Withdraw shows total amount you have withdrawn from your wallet. By clicking on withdraw, you can see all previous withdraw details with amount and date.

URL Generator

Url generator is the major tool developed for the ease of our Force. In very first step, copy the product URL you want to market and paste it in first field and click on Generate URL button. And then copy your URL from the field 2 and share it with your friend to place the order. You can also use Share on Social Media section to share the generated URL on all social media platforms. Last icon in this section is for developers. If you are a developer and own a website with handsome traffic, you can copy the Embed Code from here and paste it in the HTML section of your website.

  • Commission View Switch:

    Switching On this button will add a ribbon on every product revealing its commission amount you'll get against every successful order.

Like This:

My Force

This page shows the count of your unpaid referrals, paid referrals and visits through your generated url.


Referrals will show you the detail of all the details of customers who came to website by clicking on your generated links.

Payment Options

Click on Add Payment Method and a form will popup. Select the

  1. Account Type
  2. Bank Name
  3. Type the Account Title
  4. Account Number

And select default option by which you want to receive your earnings.

And click on Update Button

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Download Our App Download Here!